Todd said: “When I decided to undertake the process of building a new drum kit for ESCAPE I wanted something different than anyone else out there. I knew I wanted a kit that sounded great and was visually exciting as well. I already had been using the iW DRUMS lights in a Pearl Birch kit but I wanted something over the top.

     But where to begin and how much was it going to cost?

     I had done the research and contacted all of the major acrylic drum kit builders and Kevin Willis and
Percussion Kus-toms was the only company that could build the kit to my specifications.

     I found Kevin to be extremely knowledgeable and customer service was second to none. Kevin and I had numerous phone calls and he kept me up to date on the entire process and I feel I even made a new friend in the process. When the kit arrived, I was pleasantly surprised. These drums ROCK! The kick is thunderous and I am using a 20”x14” drum!! The snare is lively/has a great crack with plenty of sensitivity and I love the Trick throw off. The toms are focused and punchy. This kit is very musical and a blast to play! I love the vintage tube lugs. Even the badges look great! I am really happy to be playing Percussion Kus-toms. I am already considering a gong bass drum!!

     Oh and by the way based on my research, I saved thousands of dollars by teaming up with Percussion Kus-toms and iW DRUMS!!

Rock ON!

Todd Thanhauser  / ESCAPE-The Rock Concert Experience