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Monthly Specials !


     From now to July 1st 2018 we are running three specials (1) an 8 lug vintage tube lug snare with 2.3 rims and die cast butt plate and 20 stand snare wire and top quality Evans heads in either a 13" x 5", 5.5", 6", or 6.5" or a 14" x 5", 5.5", 6", or 6.5" with all gasketed hardware in any of 10 transparent colors, including clear, smoke, bronze, vistalite yellow, vistalite blue, sapphire blue, amber, ruby, coke bottle green, or emerald green for only $500.00 + s/h add $60.00 to have hardware done in brass or black chrome or $95.00 to have hardware custom powder coated almost any color.  Special (2) also till  July 1st 2018 we are offering the same snare in any of these same 10 colors unlike Ludwig who only offer 5 colors, In a 10 lug vintage tube lug design for $525.00 + s/h. There is a $65.00 dollar up grade charge for brass or black chrome and a $105.00 charge for custom powder coated hardware in almost any color. Do something different and distinctive like coke bottle green and black chrome!, or sapphire blue with brass hardware! Let your snare make a statement. Make your snare pop, Make it one of a kind!


     Special (3) A great deal on a truly special and unique acrylic bass drum beater , The P. K. Lollipop beater is similar to  a wood beater but even more pronounced and has more attack. It is a crystal water clear solid acrylic ball 1.75" in diameter mounted on a solid stainless steel shaft that can be cut or ground to shorter lengths with out fear of rust This beater is top quality and made in house in our Texas factory, For the next 60 days $30.00 or two for $58.00 + FREE SHIPPING WITHIN THE U.S.A.


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