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Kevin Willis, Founder and President of Percussion Kus-toms test out a new set before shipping

Santa's helpers come to help the factory out at Christmas time, Those elves sure make good drums

Santa's helper really rocks!

4 piece emerald green and brass be-bop kit with 18" bass and all brass hardware.


Sapphire Blue 10 Lug Snare with Vintage Maple Hoops

10 lug Sapphire Blue Snare with double ended Vintage Tube Lugs


Ruby Snare with Black Hardware


Smoke Snare with Brass Hardware


12 x 9 Emerald Green
14 x 5 Emerald Green
Badge Detail on Emerald Green
Brass Detail on Emerald Green


White drop 7" x 13" snare drum with cartoon vents

8 lug tube lug 7" x 13 " White drop custom snare drum

Custom made barbed wire Percussion Kus-toms head on White drop snare

2" custom cartoon vents in 7" x 13" White drop snare with die cast rims and tube lugs


Replacement shells for Pearl Free Floating snare drums, Featured is a 3 1/2" and a 6 1/2" Coke bottle green Replacement shells for Pearl Free floating snares in all three sizes and in any color
Pearl Free Floating
replacement shells
We can build you a custom replacement Percussion Kus-toms Acrylic shell for your Pearl Free Floating snare in the 3.5", 5" or 6.5" sizes
Coke bottle replacement shells for  3.5" and a 6" Pearl Free Floating Snare drums


Strainer, throw-off on Vistalite Blue snare

Vistalite Blue and Chrome 5" x 14" snare

Shells made by same
manufacturer as
Ludwig and Pork Pie

Percussion Kus-toms 5" x14" Vistalite Blue & Chrome snare drum



5 1/2" x 14" grape and brass snare drum5 1/2" grape and brass s

"Heard it through the grapevine" custom head on grape and brass snare

Brass throw-off on grape and brass snare with off-set lugs

Grape & Brass snare

Grape & Brass snare

Percussion Kus-toms 5 1/2" x 14" custom grape and brass snare with off-set Yamaha style lugs 714and double adjustable strainer and butt plate.

Brass and fluorescent green throw-off on 10 lug clear snare with round lugs

10 lug clear snare with custom fluorescent green powder coating

We OfferCustom
Powder Coating

Percussion Kus-toms clear 5" x 14" snare with custom powder coat green and brass hardware 10 lug snare

(Powder coating can be done in virtually any color on almost any drum)




Tri color Big Dog snare with vintage brass tube lugs and rims custom head on 6" x 14" Big Dog snare drum brass throw-off on 10 lug Big Dog 6" x 14" snare drum
Big Dog! Big Dog!
Percussion Kus-toms custom Big Dog snare in walnut, clear, walnut stripe pattern and all brass hardware with 10 lug vintage tube lugs and custom brass dog tag and brass lettering (part of the P.K. theme collection.)
fluorescent green and black snare with off-set lugs throw-off on black and fluorescent green snare
Fluorescent Green Fluorescent Green

Percussion Kus-toms 5" x 14" custom fluorescent green snare with black powder coated off-set lugs and black chrome rims


Coke bottle with etched flames 4 piece baby kick jazz kit for those who want quality sound in a small   package without the sacrifice of sound All the quality of a large Percussion Kus-toms kit in a smaller lighter package. This mounted 10" tom comes with a I.S.S. suspension mount kit in
Custom skull head on a 12" x 6.5" snare that pops better than most large snares, kit also comes with a killer 13" x 13" floor tom Custom flame bass head on a 16" x 16" bass with 2 - 2" chrome mic holes, a mounted ride cymbal mount, and a D.W slide tom mount


Amber and white ice swirl 10 lug 6" snare Custom theme Dreamsicle snare head Custom white pearl powder coat on 6" x 14 snare
Dreamsicle Dreamsicle
  Percussion Kus-toms customs amber and white ice swirl 6" x 14" Dreamsicle snare with custom white pearl powder coat hardware and custom theme drum head  ( Part of the P.K.'s theme collection.)  





26"bass custom Bonham style kit back view of 5 piece Bonham kit Percussion Kus-toms Bonham kit
John Bonham style kit

John Bonham style kit
Custom Bonham style kit with extras not offered by Ludwig such as a 12 lug bass instead of 10 and off-set lugs on snare made to order for Jose Flores, drummer for The Monkies Doin' It band from Kingsville Tx.



Coke Bottle Hell with bead blasted flames and tube lugs

13"w  x  7"d  Coke Bottle Hell drum with 1" mini chrome tube lugs

strainer view of Coke Bottle Hell snare with bead blasted flames

 head view of Coke Bottle Hell snare with skulls


Texas Timbales  Texas Timbales  Texas Timbales
14" and 15" Texas Tejano Timbales with an eight lug pattern, chrome mini lugs and Evans G-1 clear heads. (One of a kind!) (To beautiful for words!)

 "Muy bonita!"

Percussion Kus-toms timbales have a great sound because of the eight lug tuning pattern which allows for higher tones

 "Percussion Kus-toms Donde se compra con mucho gusta!"

Our Timbales fit onto a standard L.P. Matador stand and come with either a Evans G-1 clear head or a J-1 etched head.  " No where but The Republic of Texas!" The 14" comes in sapphire blue with the Texas lone star sand blasted on the shell and the 15"  is in a ruby and white ice swirl pattern with chrome hardware.   Texas Tejano Timbales


       Flourescent Green Timbales
14" and 15" Fluorescent Green Timbales with 8 lug pattern brass mini lugs and clear Evans G-1 heads Fluorescent Green Acrylic Timbales with brass hardware, The ultimate in Latin Percussion!
Our Timbales fit onto a standard L.P. Matador stand. When you want the best why bother with the rest. Percussion Kus-toms can make Timbales in any of our standard colors with brass, black powder coat, or chrome hardware


 American Flag  Kit, The Old Glory
Vistalite ruby and white Ice stripped bass, floor toms and ruby and white lace swirl snare with custom Pearlescent white powder coat hardware on all 6 drums . Custom Pearlescent white powder coated Yamaha style lugs and rims and I.S.S. suspension mounts on bead blasted Vistalite mounted blue toms with random stars pattern
This is a one of a kind set made as a tribute to all the brave veterans who have fought and died to keep America free from WW1 and WWII to Viet- Nam , and Iraq and Afghanistan (The Old Glory) A one of a kind set made to honor the U.S.A. Percussion Kus-toms mixed ruby and white lace stripped toms and bass with a ruby and white Ice swirl snare and Vistalite blue toms with bead blasted stars and then threw in white powder coat to make The Old Glory!



22" x 16' bass, 16" x 16" floor tom and  13"x 9"mount tom in emerald green with chrome mini tube lugs

Custom three piece Vistalite emerald green kit with chrome tube lugs (Custom made for ORBIS)

Emerald green Vistalite with chrome mini tube lugs by Percussion Kus-toms

Emerald green Vistalite with chrome mini tube lugs by Percussion Kus-toms


14" x 6" clear snare w/ etched skull pattern and chrome tube lugs
strainer view of 10 lug snare drum on etched skull clear shell
P.K. snare with bead blasted skull design and chrome tube lugs
10 lug chrome and clear snare drum designed


Custom 7 piece all white acrylic with all black chrome hardware incliuding vintage tube liugs and a trick throw-off on the snare with a iW DRUMS L.E.D. lighting kit shown here in WHITE MODE. This kit was custom made for Todd Thanhauser of the band ESCAPE  and features a 14" x 20" virgin bass, 6" x 14" snare with Trick throw-off , A 14" x 14' and 16"x 16" floortoms & 7" x 8", 8" x 10", and 9" x 12" mount toms shown here in the PURPLE MODE.
We installed a two strip 16 color remote control L.E. D. lighting kit in each drum from iW Drums. Shown here in the GREEN MODE. Here we see the kit  set up by Todd and lit in white . This Moon Glow kit is the coolest kit ever for those who want something special! The Todd Thanhauser series by P.K.


This is a Percussion Kus-toms exclusive as far as we know we are the only one making a gong drum in acrylic
The 18" gong with a 20" rim and head is the perfect add on to the Bonham kit or any kit for that matter and can be made in any color
18' gong drum in coke bottle with 20" maple rim w/ white marine pearl inlay and bead blasted logo on both sides of drum a P.K. exclusive. When you want the best ask for Percussion Kus-toms Our gong uses our exclusive patented tube lug extenders to mount a 20" maple hoop and head on a bead blasted 18" x 14 " gong drum. Just another reason Percussion Kus-toms is the best in acrylics


13" x 7" custom snare in fluorescent purple with custom metallic Dormant Violet   powder coat on the hardware Custom purple pin stripe and clear head on 13" x 7" fluorescent light purple and Dormant Violet powder coat snare

This snare comes with 7 staggered 1/2" air vents all around the shell to give it the effect of cartoon venting and a really crisp   popping sound All accents are black including the snare wires  and because of it's unusual colors it is a real eye catcher but it's true magic lies in it's sound (a one of a kind snare! only from P.K.)


24" x 16" White Ice acrylic bass with all black chrome hardware and mini tube lugs and black maple hoops. This custom kit was built for a customer in Pacifica,  Ca. This customer wanted a kit with shallow toms to mimic the D.W. short stack kit he already owns. So he ordered a set of P.K. White Ice acrylics. Can you ever really have too many drums? I think not!!!!

This is really a  beautiful kit, toms measure 6" x 10", 7" x 12", and 10' x 16" with a 7" x 13" snare all in White Ice with black chrome hardware with tube lugs and Evans heads. This is  a very awesome kit. We do not often make toms this shallow, but they turned out real nice and gives our customer a one of a kind set and isn't that what custom is really all about!


Octobers, Octobans, Octobans

Eat your heart out Tama, P.K. octobans in fluorescent green. You want see that from Tama, No more plain old piano black, Put a little color and pazaz in your drum set, Custom made in any color we offer.

Our octobans can be made in any color to match any of our sets as well as any length up to 22" These are a great add on for the Bonham kit and can be made in amber to match.

Set of 4 cuatom made fluorescent green octobans  6" x 16",18",20" & 22". You wanted octobans , We got octobans.

Our octobans all come with 1" single end tube lugs for higher tension strength and can be made any color to match your acrylic set.


This is sort of a scaled down version of a Bonham type kit. What makes it so unusual is the very over size mount tom This kit features a oversize 14" x 14" mount tom on a snare stand much like the Bonham kit with a 20"d  x 22"w  bass drum and a standard 16' x 16" floor tom
This three piece kit was done in Midnight glitter which really sparkles This kit was custom made for Tim Otis of the band Admiral Browning, because of it's unusual sizes it is truly a one of a kind set.


Percussion Kus-toms Ultimate 14 piece Jelly

Toms are right to left are vista yellow, amber, emerald green, sapphire blue, grape, and ruby. Octobans are fluorescent green, Gong drum is coke bottle, Snare clear, With smoke and vista blue bass drums All 14pcs. are equipped with chrome mini tube lugs and die cast rims except for the clear 7" x 13" snare which has double ended tube lugs and cartoon venting. This is the Ultimate Jelly Belly with 14 drums in 11 colors
Sort of the ultimate Jelly experience! So many jellies and so few sticks. This set is a jelly lovers nirvana! This set ROCKS! long live JELLY! This set was created somewhere over the rainbow in Texas I can feel the testosterone flowing through my veins an the hair growing on my chest every time I sit behind this set. although this set is way out of the price range of your average garage band drummer, It's nice to see what a little money and imagination can create!



This  D.J. rig consist of a 15" x  8.5" and a 14" x 8.5" timbalie a 10" popcorn snare and a set of Mendi clear bongos all with black tube lugs and L.E.D. A unique 5 piece clear D.J. rig with 16 color L.E.D.  lighting installed ,  All drums are equipped with black hardware and mini tube lugs.
This was a joint venture between iW Drum Lights and Percussion Kus-toms L.E.D. lighting certainly Brings Up The Night and gets the night life rocking!


If you see anything you like give us a call, We can custom make it anyway you want it, that's the way you'll get it, anyway you want it!

The bear fact is it's you can't beat a P.K. drum