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Percussion Kus-toms is the best little custom drum company in The Republic of Texas



     Welcome to Percussion Kus-toms the home of professional high quality custom acrylic drums and acrylic drum shells made to order. Made in America by professional drummers with detail to attention and quality! These are one of kind drum sets made to your specifications. You pick the color, the hardware, and the dimensions and wait for your dream set to be built. This is not some pre-fabricated off the shelf, someone else’s ideal of a set but your own creation, your baby. Your own custom drums built the way you want them. Now isn’t that a unique idea? Percussion Kus-toms is a World Class International Custom Drum Company nestled deep in the heart of Texas.

    On November 20, 2009 my very good friend Ray Ducoat of Gold-N-Times drums passed away after bravely battling cancer. For many years Ray had the exclusive on acrylic drum shells straight from the same manufacturer that makes acrylic drum shells for most of the major companies including Tama, Ludwig, Pork Pie and more. Because of our close friendship we have now been allowed to buy these same shells straight from the same source, After numerous request we are now selling raw acrylic drum shells under the name of Total Spectrum Acrylic Drum Shells, while keeping the Percussion Kus-toms name for our custom acrylic drums Our business will continue as always but we will really miss my good friend Ray.

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Percussion Kus-toms 
is simply the best little
drum co. in The Republic
of Texas


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Since Percussion Kus-toms is out of this world here is a word guide or Rosetta Stone so to speak for our interstellar customers

English = custom drums                  All interstellar orders will be        

Vulcan = wuhin-tortik                      delivered to The International 

Klingon = tIgh 'o'lav                        Space Station by N.A.S.A.!




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